Can you book two massages in one day and bill both to your insurance?

No, you cannot. The limit is one massage per day with a maximum amount set by your insurance company.

Can I use my spouse or partner’s health insurance when my benefits run out?

No, it’s insurance fraud and an RMT could potentially lose their license.

Can I use Direct Billing?

You can at The Pink Ruca if you are a member of Blue Cross or Telus E-health.

What if I’m not sure if my insurance company is with Telus E-health?

Take a look at the direct billing page on TPR website and we list exactly what companies deal with Telus E-health.

If I book a 60 minute appointment how much massage time will I receive?

Approximately 55 Minutes! There is always an initial interview and time to touch base before the massage to find out what your needs and wants are.

Is there time to change (undress & dress) including in the massage appointment time?

No! Every appointment has a ten minute break after each one to ensure you have plenty of time to change without it cutting into your hands on time.

What if I don’t like deep pressure or I prefer deep pressure?

Friends not to worry, I will always touch base with you at the beginning of the massage and a couple times throughout to make sure that the pressure is where you want it and you feel comfortable. Let me stress never believe the pressure is up to the the therapist. It’s your body therefore you are in control. One of my main goals is to always listen to the client.

Do you have any spa experience?

Yes I do. My first massage job I ever had was at Spa Utopia in Langley.

What if I have never had a massage before?

No worries! I’ve seen a wide range of people varying from those trying massage for the very first time to clients who I see more than my immediate family. The Pink Ruca welcomes anyone who wishes to experience something different.

What school did you graduate from and when?

I graduated from the 3200 hour program at Langara College in Vancouver, BC in August 2016!